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Thanks to the experience in ROTOMOULDING technology, a true passion for creating and a global view of innovative solutions,
we deliver and provide customers with products that meet the highest quality criteria. 

We provide rotomoulding services for a wide range of Customers from various industries in the country and abroad. 



We have a modern and the largest machine park in Poland with a research and development laboratory. Thanks to these advantages and the constantly improved qualifications of our engineering staff, we can offer you comprehensive and timely service at the highest level. We are able to fulfill almost any order. We approach our work with full professionalism and commitment.



The satisfaction of our clients is the most important to us. We always make every effort to ensure that the product we create meets all your expectations. We are in constant contact with Customers, we keep informed them about the progress of work from the design level, through production, to delivery of the finished product to the advisable address.


Swimer is a world-known leader in the production of polyethylene products. Our company's flagship products are the liquid storage tanks known almost all over the world.


We have been a member of the Rotopol association at the Poznań University of Technology for many years. Rotopol's activity is closely related to the field of rotomoulding. Rotopol conducts research on casting methods and polymer processing technologies. The organization brings together people and institutions related to rotomoulding technology.



Multi-directional project management


Our qualified engineering staff will provide you with the highest level of service and advice. We will take care of your investment from idea to implementation. We will propose modern and functional design, help with the selection of materials, and design the product and its mold. We also have the option of 3D printing.




  • we have extensive experience in designing rotomoulding products and moulds
  • we make steel and aluminum moulds
  • we provide technical advice



  • we have a diverse machine park (machines with chamber dimensions of 3000 mm to 4500 mm)
  • we provide assembly services according to the Client's design and recommendations
  • we have a highly qualified production staff
  • we label products


  • we offer help and advice from competent employees of our Customer service office
  • we offer warranty and post-warranty service
  • we have our own transport



  • in the production and post-production process, we guarantee quality control in accordance with the customer's requirements
  • we only use primary polyethylene
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 27001



Rotomoulding is a process that consists of the following four steps:



  • A weighed portion of plastic, usually in powder form, is poured into the open mould. If the material was not colored before being ground to powder, it is dry mixed: the dye in powder form is mixed with the material powder before loading.


  • The mould is already closed, it is heated depending on the type of machine, the powdered material turns into a liquid and adheres to the surface of the mould walls. The most frequently used mould closures are the quick-release clamps.


  • The mold is cooled at the moment when the stage of uniformly covering its walls with material to a specific thickness of the product wall is completed. The material then solidifies or hardens to the desired shape.


  • After the material has cooled down to a temperature where it maintains a constant shape, it is possible to take out the product without deforming it. The mould is opened and the article is removed from it. Then another weighted portion of polyethylene powder goes into the mould and the process repeats.



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