Heating oil

SWIMER HEATING OIL TANK are a convenient, practical and safe way to store heating oil. These tanks are extremely resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and UV radiation.

They can be used in buildings that use heating oil for heating (both in industrial plants and private homes).

The great advantage of SWIMER HEATING OIL TANKS is that they can be installed inside and outside the building. 

In our offer we have single-walled and double-walled tanks with capacities from 1500 L to 10000 L.

It is possible to combine tanks for heating oil.

SWIMER HEATING OIL TANK are made of high-quality polyethylene, the main feature of which is resistance to various weather conditions.


Our tanks:

  • do not corrode,
  • do not deform
  • do not require painting and external maintenance,
  • do not fade, and are resistant to UV rays.


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