The flagship product offered by SWIMER are the double-walled polyethylene tanks intended for storage and distribution of diesel fuel. These tanks are made of high-quality polyethylene, the main feature of which is resistance to various weather conditions.

Our tanks:

  • do not corrode,
  • do not deform
  • do not require painting and external maintenance,
  • do not fade, and are resistant to UV rays.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, the company developed a broad range of tanks intended for small farms and plants as well as those used in large agribusinesses and industrial plants.




All devices that we manufacture, regarding the version, can include distribution systems composed of:

  • vane/immersion fuel pumps

  • can/glass fuel filters / water separator

  • digital/rotor flow meters

  • distribution hoses 6m long or more

  • refuelling nozzle

  • fuel level dial indicator / LIPREMOS®

  • distribution system elements, flange-mounted (non-threaded)

  • main switch - emergency power switch

  • ground

  • inspection hatches 400mm / 600mm

  • handles for tank transportation

As an option, the tanks can also include:

  • maximum fuel level sensor HLA8

  • low fuel level sensor

  • leakage sensor

  • PPC600 / PPC15 flow meters

  • strengthened distribution hose

  • reel wheel

  • automatic nozzle handle on/off

  • distribution cabinet lighting (LED)

  • filling line mounted in the distribution cabinet on the workshop level

  • sequential pump switching system

  • precise measurement of fluid level system LIPREMOS®

  • liquid dosage monitoring system

Our tanks are manufactured in Poland under the supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection. Each tank is accompanied by:

  • operational and maintenance documentation

  • operation manual for the tank

  • fire safety opinion

  • workplace safety instructions

  • manufacturer certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection

  • certificate of Construction and Pressure Testing issued by the Office of Technical Inspection

  • declaration of Conformity to EN 13341:2005+A1:2011

  • CE certificate

  • the structure of the double-walled tank complies with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 18 September 2011 on technical conditions of the technical supervision to be met by non-pressurized and low-pressure tanks intended for storage of liquid flammable materials.

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