SWIMER offers the SWIMER BLUE Tank series intended to store and distribute the AdBlue®. They are available in single- or double-walled, container and ADAST/MID panel versions.

What is AdBlue®?
AdBlue® is the trade name for aqueous urea solution which is used in exhaustion systems of vans and trucks, as well as newly type-approved passenger vehicles. This substance allows to reduce the harmful nitrogen oxides significantly thanks to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The SCR technology consists in converting nitrogen oxides into non-toxic nitrogen and water vapor in a catalyst employing ammonia as a reducing agent. As the ammonia is a hazardous substance, its application in road transport is limited, and the commercial vehicles use a non-toxic, odorless 32.5% aqueous solution of urea, namely AdBlue®. The engine control system doses the urea solution - stored in a separate tank - to the stream of hot exhaust. Under the influence of high temperature of the exhaust gases, the urea solution decomposes into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Afterwards, the ammonia reacts with nitrogen oxides forming free nitrogen and water vapor.

The AdBlue® tanks are made of special materials compliant with DIN 70 070 due to the corrosive properties of the substance. The standard was issued by the European Chemical Industry Council. Our tanks are made of top-quality polyethylene, the main feature of which is resistance to various weather conditions.


Our AdBlue® tanks:

  • do not corrode,
  • do not deform,
  • do not require painting and external maintenance,
  • do not fade, and are resistant to UV rays.

All devices that we manufacture, regarding the version, can include distribution systems composed of:

  • immersion pump 230V
  • distribution hoses 6m long or more
  • refuelling nozzle
  • distribution system elements, flange-mounted (non-threaded)
  • inspection hatches 400mm / 600mm
  • 100mm inlet with a cover
  • handles for tank transportation
  • air vents

As an option, the tanks can also include:

  • AdBlue® 5-micron filter
  • leakage sensor
  • FMT1 / PPC600 flow meters
  • strengthened distribution hose
  • reel wheel
  • 2” filler with TODO dry break coupling
  • automatic nozzle handle on/off
  • distribution cabinet lighting (LED)
  • precise measurement of fluid level system LIPREMOS®
  • liquid dosage monitoring system SMDP

It is also possible to install the WINTER/SUMMER PACKAGE - it allows to refuel AdBlue even in extremely low or high temperatures. The package is intended for SWIMER BLUE Tanks.

The package includes:

  • automatic heating of the distribution cabinet
  • electric exhaust fan
  • thermal insulation
  • heating tape
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